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Support for Survivors of Suicide – Counselling Partnership

Age range:16+ Location:East Sussex Tel:0776 869 484

About the service

Sussex Community Development Association is working in partnership with Counselling Plus Community to offer free counselling to people living in East Sussex who are struggling with suicidal thoughts or who have recently attempted suicide.

There are times when we can cope with life’s challenges but all of us need support at times. There are situations, thoughts and feelings that no one should have to face alone. It may feel as though nothing can change your situation but people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts have found that even at their lowest point there are things that can help. Talking to someone who is really listening and who wants to understand you and what you are going through can be a really important first step.

How to access this service

For more information, please call Rhian on 07796 869484 or email

Please bear in mind that Support for Survivors of Suicide is not an emergency service and our counsellors cannot be available outside of appointment times.

If you need immediate support or do not feel you can keep yourself safe it may be important to contact your GP, visit A&E or contact Samaritans for 24-7 support.

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